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gig deranking


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On 9/16/2022 at 10:47 AM, raheelaslamj said:

can anyone help

There is nothing to do. Gigs rotate, or do you expect to stay on top all the time? BTW, if you were demoted from level 2 to new seller, then you are losing momentum for some legitimate issues. 

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@raheelaslamj - Your buyers are not happy with the quality of your work. Both of the negative reviews mentioned that the buyers finally gave up (too many revisions) or ended up choosing a different seller to complete the project. Your communication skills also need to be improved upon.

Until you correct those two points, you will continue to lose impressions because Fiverr will not promote a seller with poor communication and poor quality of work.

The good news is, that you can recover from those negative reviews by delivering quality work and communicating well with your customers.

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4 minutes ago, filipdevaere said:

You had 2 negative reviews in the last 2 months and another one 4 months ago. This is probably the main reason why you have less work. 

you visited my profile any tip for gaining back my gig  potential , any your personal review about my gig ?

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11 minutes ago, rudra_dey said:

To agree with someone please express your emotions with react. Not with extra message. It's not facebook or any other social media.

This was uncalled for. Karim agreed with a valid comment. He/she is allowed to do so on this forum.

10 minutes ago, rudra_dey said:

Please don't spam it.

Someone agreeing with something you disagree with, is not spam.

13 minutes ago, rudra_dey said:

I got 2 positive reviews. So, why I am not getting any orders?

As to your issue, Fiverr does not guarantee that any seller will get orders here. Positive reviews do not guarantee orders either. If you want more orders, be a great seller, who provides a service that your target customers need. Convince those target customers to hire you, instead of your many competitors. Right now, it would appear that you are not very effective at doing either, so you have some important things that you will need to work on in the coming days, weeks, and months.

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