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How long does it take a writer to deliver?


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Hello everyone!

I recently picked up freelance writing here after leaving the account dormant for about a year (had a couple of final year exams in high school). I've been doing pretty well and I got the Level one seller badge after about two months so I guess there's that. :D

I'm just wondering how long it takes creative and copy writers to deliver their works. I am not the fastest with my computer and I do around 1000 words per hour if i am completely devoted. How long does it take you all?

PS: I'm also a new member of the community and I appreciate all the contribution made by a lot of top sellers that I will be unable to mention. You guys do not know how much your answers to questions and tips have been able to help!

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Lovely to see another writer!

6 hours ago, favourik said:

Hello everyone!

So - I have the formal and the 'cheeky' answer for this question. I'll start with the cheeky one (you'll see why.)

I come from fanfic writing (though I've done several Nanowrimos with my own stuff.) What does that mean? I AM capable of typing quite quickly. If I really focus and ignore everything around me, I'm done with I think around 1150 words per pomodoro (which is 25 minutes.) Now officially, that would give me, what, 2300 words an hour? 

That'd make me rich, right? The issue is that, one: that is often not my best wor and two: after 4 pomodoros (so, yes, two hours), I'm out. Brain so gone I can't think for the next two days. It's not fun but I can kind of see why it happens. 

I still do it from time to time though, not necessarily for rushed deadlines but when I get inspired and know that I can have a lazy day a day or so after (and just make sure the quality IS actually great by thinking stuff out roughly before writing.)

So the FORMAL answer is that my delivery times are very... varied, and actually a bit wonky because I had a time period when I didn't get many orders and decreased them to see if it would help. It seemed to work (or simply people got interested in my stuff again) and I never quite moved it back. One of my new gigs has a 10+ day delivery for 1k words while some of my other stuff are like 10 for 5k words.

That being said, sometimes the latter is actually easier to write. I think in the end it comes down to the story/game/etc. itself. If I'm enjoying writing it, if I'm focusing, if the weather is not too hot/cold it goes quickly. Otherwise...happens. 

Okay, I think I really went on a writing rant up there! I've recently rolled out of bed and haven't even found my glasses yet, so!


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Welcome. I write both on Fiverr and fiction off-Fiverr. The time depends largely on how much research I have to do, the tone of the piece, and other picky little factors. I write fiction more quickly in general because it's easier to enter flow state while creating stuff I'm passionate about. I don't ghostwrite fiction, though.

While I, of course, do my best for clients, I don't truly get passionate about plumbing services, etc.

I have a longer delivery time than some other sellers on Fiverr because my schedule is very full. 


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It takes around 3 days to a week depending upon the request.  I do want to caution buyers though.  I recently got scammed by a seller on here (****** ).  He wrote 3 pieces of content which were not good.  I decided to give him a chance and work with him at his request.  After paying him for 1st round of content he contacted me through WhatsApp and said he would not be doing anymore.  Then had the balls to report me when all I did was respond back to him on WhatsApp.  Fivver has way too many scammers like this kid.

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