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How do I get orders very quickly on Fiverr?


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3 minutes ago, advertise__guru said:

What can I do now that the buyer is canceling the order? I want expert advice

Why is the buyer cancelling the order? In order to understand your situation and help you further, that's sort of essential to know. 


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You don’t talk to buyers from fiverr forum. There are actually very rarely any buyers showing up to read and interact on the forum. 

Your buyer reach out to you on main fiverr site if they are interested in your services and then you can reply their messages 


and by your name “advertise guru” I would assume that you would know how to advertise yourself 

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Hi @advertise__guru,

Most people who come to the forum are here to learn and mingle. Check out the articles below on how you can get the most of out of the forum!

Also, I did see your forum profile and you've already filled out your "About" and "Bio" sections, so if a buyer visits your forum profile, they'll know how to contact you. Like @mariashtelle1 said, your buyers will reach out to you on the main Fiverr platform if they're interest in your services. Follow the same rules as the main platform - don't reach out to sellers, let them come to you.




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Just now, advertise__guru said:

I need expert advice, 👉 https://www.fiverr.com/advertise__guru?

You can get seller plus status by buying a monthly $29 subscription from fiverr to get immediate notification of buyer requests. When a buyer posts an offer on buyer request page fiverr sends us a notification and you can reach that buyer instantly. I am a seller plus member and i get notifications daily after few minutes.

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1 hour ago, advertise__guru said:

I have been trying for a long time but the order has not passed. I want expert advice on how to get the order? Please help me.

The question was very Important. We get frustrated when we fail to do something after trying so had. 

First of all, don't be disappointed.
Second, find the mistakes in your work. you have to find it yourself.
How many hours do you spend on fiverr?
And if you don't enjoy doing it, you leave it. Otherwise Try and Try


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