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  1. Wait for 24hour (I mean the last time support replied you) if still not fix, reply the support ticket. Only Fiverr Support can resolve your issue. Oooh, It’s okay, Thanks
  2. Thanks in advance and waiting for solution.
  3. My withdrawals has been disabled and I connected with the support center. It is 5days passed and they are telling me regularly to wait another 24 hours. How can I get ride of it. Please, help me to solve the issue. Thanks in advance
  4. I just got a new message from fiveteam1. ““Hey! We at Fiverr are constantly trying to create a better experience for our sellers. We are reaching out to see if you’re interested in: 1.Getting instant compensation for services you perform. 2. With only 5% Transaction Fees The new service will be using blockchain technology and you will need to be ok in accepting crypto currency. Please reply “Yes” if you would like to try our new addition!”” I want to know about the service in details and what should I reply? Please, some one help me. Thanks
  5. Here on my profile there is showing 97 reviews but I have 98 reviews in the My Reviews section. Last day I got a new review which is counted to the “My Reviews section” but not on my profile under name. What is the problem? Please, some one let me know .
  6. @nikavoice thanks, I was not aware of that. Sorry, next time will not be the mistake
  7. @sue_mcl I’m responding of all the messages instantly and last 1 time was for over 1 hour but My response rate is 97%. that is not improving. I’m not understanding, How can I achieve 100% rate? Please, can you help me with your kind information where to improve? Thanks
  8. I’m off Twitter for good this time. :crazy_face: I’m also off now a days…😜
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