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FORUM GUIDE - Where to post, what to post, what's in the categories?

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Note: This is due for an update after the forum structure change in October is complete. 🙂

Hello, hello! Good to know you’re interested in engaging with the Fiverr Community here on the forum. Before anything, and most especially if you are new. I strongly recommend you read the Forum Rules and Fiverr Terms of Service.

Done reading the forum rules and TOS? Great! Below you’ll find a short description of which posts should go where and what kind of posts you’ll be able to find in each of the categories available here on the forum.

(Please note that no one likes reading repeated posts so utilize the search bar on the forum before posting anything.)

New User Intros:
Post your bio if you are new to Fiverr or the forum. Update your bio if it’s changed or if you’ve been away a while! Your bio can include reasons to buy from you, or info about you as a buyer!

Community Rules and Guidelines
This section is reserved for staff and moderators to post for YOU. Be sure you are familiar with these, especially the rules, guidelines and this category explanation guide!

News & Announcements:
This section is reserved only for Fiverr staff to post updates on what’s new on Fiverr.

Fiverr FAQ:
If you have questions related to Fiverr that the community members here will be able to answer, you may place them here. Please note that the forum is not a replacement for Customer Support, should you wish to contact them just click on the link.

Tips for Sellers:
If you want to share tips in which all sellers of the Fiverr Community can benefit from. (Please don’t ASK for tips here. Do that in Improve my Gig!)

Tips for Buyers:
If you want to share tips in which all buyers of the Fiverr Community can benefit from. (Sellers: Don’t try to get buyers to buy from you in Tips. Do that in My Fiverr Gigs!)

Fiverr Stories:
For sharing your stories as a buyer or a seller here on Fiverr. (Complaint stories should go in the Ranting Pot.)

Want to just talk about something that just doesn’t fit in the other categories? You can place them here. Links to YouTube and fun gifs are allowed, but they still need to comply with the forum rules and Fiverr ToS. Topics that lead to reader complaints may be edited or removed.

My Fiverr Gigs:
Want to advertise those awesome gigs you just made? Feel free to do so here. Your best sales pitch and links to your gigs are welcome! (Excessive bumping or overposting may be removed.)

Improve My Gig:
If you want some feedback on the gigs you have set up, you can ask for some help here. This includes questions asking for tips - those go in IMG, not the Tips category.

The Ranting Pot:
Had a bad day? No worries. The Fiverr community is here for you! Vent away w/o breaking the forum rules or ToS. (Posts that lead to many reader complaints may be edited or removed, but you can complain about Fiverr, buyers, sellers, etc. without putting usernames or starting up direct name-calling/bashing.)🙂

Report a Bug
Are you encountering technical problems with the website or the forum? Go and place them here.

Fiverr Site Suggestions:
Have a cool idea that you think will definitely help Fiverr out? Feel like there is something Fiverr should improve on? Suggestion for a new feature or change? Place them here and your idea may be the next new feature or may definitely help out on the overall usability of Fiverr in general.

Fiverrcast - Podcasts:
This section is reserved for Fiverr podcasts, you will be able to engage in discussions related to the podcasts available here.

Live Events:
Sometimes Fiverr hosts events that you may be able to access via livestream. You may be able to check them out here.

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