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where do i find web research clients or buyers?



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I agree with @mariashtelle1 and @miiila ... you are targeting too general of an audience: web research = online = anyone who would be online = everybody

I suggest your niche down. I also do web research, but I work with a very specific group: educators. This works well for me because I also have a gig creating curricula and ecourses that caters to the same clientele. My research focuses mostly on market research (for possible ecourses or platforms), grants, and curriculum alignment (also connected with the grant writing). I target scientific fields (such as pre-engineering and medical assisting), education, and real estate only because that's what I have experience in.

So consider your background and interests, as well as your strengths. What makes you unique? You mentioned in your gig that researching is your number one hobby...so what topics are you spending the most time researching?

Also, please take down your third gig image (a PDF). It contains full names, personal emails, and phone numbers of individuals that are clearly visible. Consider replacing that with a generic image that doesn't reveal personal information but talks about what you did (see example below, this is from my data entry gig, but you can do this for your web research too):


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