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Had an order cancelled by support, even though it was completed as discussed


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Hello community,


I'm writing these lines with the hope that someone can give some recommendations about the issue I'm having.


I had an order with a client that was about coding a web page based on a given design, taking into account that the page has to be 90% similar to the given design. The order was delivered (according to the discussed requirements) and the client started to being mean accusing me that the order was about a 100% accurate design (also known as pixel perfect) which was clearly not the case (I'm sure that Customer Support can see the discussion between me and the buyer). For me, at least, it was obvious that the client wanted to get free works without paying.


I know that its against ToS to request additional works, that its against to request payment outside of Fiverr, and that a buyer should not request additional works. The buyer did all that, and on top of this, he also lied and mocked my work. However, nobody from CS seems to care about this even thought its against the guidelines, and got the order cancelled.

After some ping pong with the CS such as asking me for proof that the order was about 90% similarity (this was obviously within the messages prior opening the order), it seems like the 'correct' reason has been found - cancelling the order because CS gave me the chance to 'satisfy' the buyer by repeating what I already have said, which I missed.


As a result, after the order was completed the CS cancelled it for the following reason:

"To clarify, this order wasn't canceled based on the work you provided in itself. I had to cancel it because you didn't communicate with the buyer while they were still unsatisfied."


How can this be legal and within guidelines? I was feeling safe that such thing can't happen, however, even if its obvious that the buyer broke the guidelines in multiple spots, I'm still the one that ended up working for free, while the buyer has my code and can get money off it.


I have read the ToS plenty of times, and from what I understand there are specific circumstances when an order can be cancelled after its completion, but I don't see how this can be related to this case. I don't find it fair to be forced to keep communicating with toxic buyers. My job is to deliver the discussed tasks, not to handle any emotional problems that one might have and ensure 'satisfaction' as any one with bad intentions can just say that he/she is unsatisfied.


I find it that it would be enough to deliver and explain once. Copy and pasting the same thing over and over again would have be plain pointless for both parties.


Has anyone else ran into a similar problem? If so, how have you managed to get over it? It is very frustrating for me as this is not the first time that a completed order was delivered but still got cancelled by CS. The order was not just simply completed, it was completed and delivered based on the requirements discussed as it was a custom order.


Any insights on how to further address this would be greatly appreciated. 



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Customer support always rules in favour of the buyer, unfortunately. Most likely you were the target of a scammer. Any time this happens to me, I let the scammer know that I will be using the unpaid work I did on my own website. That means that Google will downgrade any website or blog that plagiarizes from me, and the scammer will also get in trouble if their client does a Google search and finds that the work was plagiarized. 

Beyond that, there's not much you can do but be alert to scammers for the next round. 

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I feel really sad for you but no matter how much we do in this case, toxic buyers have to get what they want. But I don't agree that CS is always in favor of buyers, I had almost the same case where the buyer was SUPER TOXIC, not replying to my questions and yelling without reason that I'll cancel the order, etc, but CS communicated on my behalf and he then responded me with requirements. 

There's nothing that you can do now except be aware of such buyers in the future. 

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12 hours ago, meldawn9 said:

Customer support always rules in favour of the buyer, unfortunately

That's not true. Even if they ruled for the buyer and canceled 6 months after an order was placed, I was reimbursed the amount and I also didn't have the cancellation damage my stats, thanks to customer support. 

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