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Reenable my payment method/ Need urgently my payment withdraw

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Hello Fiverr Team,

I need assistance regarding disabling of my payment method on my Fiverr account. I am unable to withdraw my payment. Please re-enable my payment method then I will able to withdraw my payment. Please solve my issue. I need my payment as soon as possible. Your response will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.
Best regards,


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2 minutes ago, ayesha_amz said:

Customer support is not replying. I have contacted several times.

Is this your first account? Maybe there's a reason why they are not replying. Since we don't know the exact situation, and even if we would, we can't help you. I can only assume that they removed that payment method because something was wrong/abused, etc. Again, only customer support will be able to assist you here, unfortunately we can't do anything since we are sellers just like you. We can only share our opinions.


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7 minutes ago, ayesha_amz said:

But why Fiverr customer support is not responding to me.

Because they have an insane amount of tickets to respond to. And this

16 minutes ago, ayesha_amz said:

I have contacted several times.

only slows them down.

They respond to the oldest tickets first, so repeatedly contacting them about the same issue only pushes you to the bottom of the queue.

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