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hi guys lm new seller on fiverr and i need your help


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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will create or fix amazon kdp kindle book cover designs
In the gig description:
"why chose this gig?" could be "Why choose this gig?"

It says "I have designed more covers for you." - but surely that's not the case for people who first view your gig (you haven't designed their covers yet).

In all 3 package descriptions "redy for upload" could be "ready for upload"
In the basic package maybe change "selver".

Gig: I will create amazing social media design in 24 hours
Maybe use more than one search tag.

In the profile:
In the description: "i am" could be "I am"
The avg. response time is quite high at 19 hours. Responding faster might increase the chance of messages/orders.

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