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Fiverr suddenly stopped accepting my payments :/


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47 completed orders as a buyer since September 2020 paid using visa and suddenly Fiverr starts bouncing my payments. Correct details, funds available. I contacted my bank and they said that new banking regulations had come in, and that because Fiverr isn't using "verified by visa" they can no longer accept payment requests to Fiverr using my card. I raised a support request to Fiverr two days ago, and they have been no help. When I asked if the payments had been declined they replied, "I must let you know that I am not able to disclose this information". How does this help?

I'm in the UK, and been really happy with the experiences I've had so far with Fiverr. Seems strange for a business to suddenly stop accepting my payments, and refuse to help! I am not far from looking elsewhere tbh. The only other payment option is PayPal, which I've tried to set up but it's not a quick process. Also concerned that this will increase my fees possibly.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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