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How to get more order in Fiverr



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Here's some that I can recommend for starters.


1. Advertise. There are many ways to do that. Fiverr has a feature to do that too.

2. Use a proper set of wording combinations for your title and description. Searchability is important especially if you are in a competitive industry.

3. Presentability. A lot of clients hesitate to buy from an unexperienced buyer. Usually the best way to counter this is to actually get orders and experience, or to lower your prices and increase them as you become more satisfied with your account presentability.

4. Communication. I find it easier to get consistent clients and returning buyers if I please them. A large portion of your revenue should come from repeat buyers if you offer a service that is repeatable. Also you do not want a bad review to stain your reputation that may take a while to recover.

5. Reply fast. Especially in a competitive industry, it is best to stay ahead of your competitors who may take a bit of time to respond. 

6. Credibility. Try to present a lot of evidence. Fiverr may have a limit of previews, but you can always attach a 3rd party link to showcase your past works.

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