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  1. Be active create 7 gig send buyer request.
  2. best wishes for your fiverr journey.
  3. Hey, It`s a good fiverr forum say because I get a new badged in fiverr. Thank you all fiverr Community members.
  4. Same situation me also. I need to to follow this post.
  5. In fiverr forum, have a section tips for seller. please check on there maybe you got the right path.
  6. create 7 gig, and possible to make it different sub category. Than you will get it.
  7. @batinuraktertips are really good. Please follow her tips. may be you will get order soon.
  8. Of course, A good profile picture is make you more trustable and it`s a sign of professional.
  9. Hello, Recently I face a issue, I need to your opinion to solution this issues. I explained it... Last 2/3 Month I`m not so active in Fiverr. Example: 1. I don`t have a good number of order 3. Not active in fiver 2. I don`t send buyer request regularly. to doing this regularly My account impression view clink are so down. Evan my best selling gig are not getting a single click in last 1 week. In this situation I want to again active on fiverr. What Can I do now? Opinion Please
  10. You can update your gig images, if images is good. Take a look on title, price, description. Be active and send buyer request. Thank You
  11. Please read fiverr forum another dedicated post about it. Before posting Please follow the rules and explained your problem. Not only a simple title. Thanks a lot
  12. Congratulations, Keep it in touch. Have a great journey.
  13. Be active and send buyer request it`s a lot of reason to rank a gig. 1. review 2. back to back client 3. and more and more
  14. Your point isn`t clear, If you maybe try to know the scale means the salary of fiverr 🙂
  15. Be patient and active and send buyer request.
  16. Please keep patient and be active.
  17. Share On social and make attractive title and gig images, be active and send buyer request.
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