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  1. Your comment is really important. Thank you very much for this!!!
  2. I’ve downloaded the book. Thank you very much!!!
  3. Hello Everyone!!! I’m offering graphic design service on fiverr. Recently I create a new gig for video editing. And I though to say about my new gig to my old buyers. So if I send message to them by telling I offer video editing service, Will it violate TOS? Thank you.
  4. Hello Everyone!!! Last month I updated my logo design gig. After that no any orders for last 20 days. Normally I’m having 2-3 orders per day. Hope a solution from your experience. This is the modification I did for my gig. :point_down:t2: Actually because of the high demand, I increased my pricing., After that my sales dropped. So I restore my pricing back as before. After that no orders. Dropped impressions and gig clicks.
  5. Hi 🙂 You can share your gig on the social medias.
  6. Actually I’m maintain an insta account related to logo designs. So people check it and if they interest they will ask from me. Then I’m sending my fiverr link and ask them to place the order.
  7. Your are warmly welcome to the fiverr forum!!! 🥳
  8. Please contact CS. They will respond within 2-3 days. They will resolve.
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