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Seller Injustice


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Every now and then, Fiverr makes me want to tear my hair out in chunks. Recently, a Buyer left a 3 star rating to my otherwise perfect gig, stating that problems in association with Fiverr's platform. She was confused about the payment, and kept asking about an invoice, and kept wanting to pay even after she'd already paid. Weird, right? She even put in duplicate orders, and it stayed that way until I personally poked her about it and then I went to Fiverr so she wouldn't be out twice the amount of money. Now, in her review, she writes about how she doesn't know how to pay (WELL, IF YOU'RE AT THE REVIEW STAGE, YOU'VE ALREADY PAID?! HOW DOES ONE NOT NOTICE MONEY BEING DUDUCTED FROM THEIR BANK?!). And she also writes that the review does not reflect my work, and she is sorry that if after she reads my work, she finds that the review is wrong. HOW DOES THAT HELP ME, MA'AM? 

I reached out to her trying to clarify and she mentioned in those messages that it was not about me at all but about how Fiverr's platform had confused her.

I sent ALL of these messages to CS, and they were like "it doesn't go against our ToS so we can't remove the message". I even argued up to the point where they allegedly reached out to the Buyer but I then found out that she'd deactivated her account. 

This isn't a sole incident. I keep reading instances of Fiverr pulling stunts like this all the time. I don't understand. Are Sellers not valuable? Do we not deserve protection? What on earth.

Then there's the entire premise of those who do document-based work, where the Buyer practically takes your work for free upon delivery, and cancels with an inane reason.

Then there are the statistics on your account which glitch every now and then. And CS is mostly like talking to a robot? I mean, if there is a human being, A HUMAN BEING, seeing the trouble we're going through, why aren't their responses more human-like? I don't get it. 

I feel so unnerved all the time that it borders on harassment and Fiverr does so much for Buyers and so insanely little for Seller protection.

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