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How to engage your clients



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Although not allowed, I've had sellers contact me via inbox and offer me discounts or 2 for 1.

I even had a seller do a painting that I didn't ask for and sent it via inbox (with watermark). He didn't have any orders so he did it as a side project.

Lol! It was well done but I didn't need it nor did I want it. I was taken aback. I did end up getting it eventually but dang, kinda bold & risky.

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1 hour ago, samcaff said:

I think good, educated and friendly communication along with repeated high-quality work is the most important!

I also update my buyers often on my progress with their orders. After all, one of the 3 areas we are scored on in our reviews is communication. Note: communication an also include ability to communicate well in English.

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