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Payment Issue



Hi friends I got a message on fiverr then message on email and for confirmation there it said to confirm bank card because this is your first order so I put my card number and security key and money from my bank It has been deducted, now I will get this money back and for what purpose was it cut?

I received a message from this email

(The payment has been successfully authorized and processed
Good morning dear patron. The payment for your service has been successfully accomplished. Kindly ensure confirmation by pressing the provided button. Should you experience any difficulties, you have the option to contact our technical assistance via the link provided.)

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Hi @irfanullah342sorry to read about this experience. First of all, you should immediately contact your bank to sort this out, since our Customer Support team cannot help outside Fiverr. Also, please report this user so that our team can take over and block them from the platform. I highly recommend reading our Terms of Service and Forum Rules. This would have prevented you from being scammed like this. Make sure that you avoid these violations in the future, since they'll most probably lead to having the account restricted/blocked. You'll also see how Fiverr works, how to know that a buyer purchased your gig and that the order is placed, and all the dos and don'ts. I've edited your post since it was showing another user's info, and even though it's a scam, it's still a violation of our Forum Rules. Hope you can sort it out with your bank. Good luck 🍀

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