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Personally I never check my analytics and I don't really think it provides insightful details for me. I do look at them occasionally out of boredom, but it doesn't tell me anything really. Sometimes the impressions/clicks are high and I don't have any traffic or orders, other times it's all low and I have a lot of orders & messages. 

I might also not be as bothered with it because I use Fiverr as a sort of hobby, so it doesn't really matter to me whether or not I get orders. Of course getting orders is fun and if I won't get any in a long time I'll wonder what the heck is going on! But then still looking at my analytics won't provide any useful information I can learn anything from. Unless they stop going up and down and remain low, then it maybe would tell me 'oh maybe I should make changes to my gig'. 

This is all very subjective of course! I understand some people might find it useful to observe. I guess my point is to not stare yourself blind on these analytics and obsess over them. 



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