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impression and clicks

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You seem to have the SEO part down pat. I don't know if you should alter that when you edit again. I was getting a lot of impressions then tinkered with the description too much, perhaps. Time will tell. I'm trying to figure out how much time--ha! I'm new here, too, but do have SEO experience.

I hope that you solve the riddle!

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22 hours ago, emanali98 said:

Hi! Does altering gig descriptions and such too much have an effect on impressions? 

Lets assume the fiverr algorithm is your client.

What would be the fiverr algorithm if you change your offer description from time to time (I.e. Seems more of not knowing what you actually want)


Or kindly put yourself in the fiverr algorithm position

How would you feel about a seller who is two mouthed 😀 

But on a more serious note. The fiverr algorithm works at random to up-rank every available gig on the platform

Every of this gig are equally vying for exposure. And when the algorithm selects yours at random... Kindly desist from editing your gig (as the algorithm would displace your gig and replace with another)


Bottom line... When creating your gig., ensure you do a proper proofreading

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