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I can't get order please help me!


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You may send 99999 buyer's requests and still have no orders.

How are you responding to them? Are you just doing a copy/paste or are you actually reading their request and sending a short message addressing how you can help them?

How are your communication skills? If you are responding with bad grammar, spelling or the like that could be a deterrent to getting the attention of the buyer.

Are you in an overly crowded category? If so, there are probably a hundred or more responses to the buyer's request - they may be overwhelmed and just pick the first response that stands out.

Are your Gigs written clearly? If a buyer does happen to go to your Gig to find out more about you, and does not order, it may be you need to get your Gig tidied up.

The buyer's request section is usually a dumpster fire that attracts low ballers only wanting to prey on the weak here. Sure, you will find a gem here and there, but, it is a vast wasteland for the most part.

But, I understand that the new people here feel a need to visit such a shanty town.

Oh, here is a link you may want to read:



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I would personally change the titles. I'm no designer so everything I offer is my own opinion, but the title is the first (and possibly only) thing most people will see. 


1. "I will create amazing unique luxury business card for you"

Remove the redundant words and target specific words. E.G. "For you" is pointless; it adds no additional benefit other than making the title longer (Of course the gig is "for you"). It also feels like there are too many buzz words E.G. "amazing", "unique", "luxury". Solidate them into one that really captures what it is that you do. Also gramatically incorrect but this is covered more with title 3.

2. "I will design modern versatile logo within 10 hours"

Definately remove the within 10 hours part. This, to me, sounds like you will rush a logo to get something out as quick as possible. How can you know how long it will take without receiving a design brief? Good design =/= quick design. Versatile also seems like the wrong word here. Logos are supposed to be tailored to a specific 'thing' - why would you want a logo that can be used for multiple things?

3. "I will design modern business card or stationery".

Slightly gramatically incorrect which will probably put people off before they even know what your gig really has to offer. "I will design modern business card or stationery", or "I will design modern business cards or stationery"


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15 minutes ago, mirajulislam1 said:


I am Mirajul islam a Professionals graphic designer. I am already published my 7 gig.  But no order.

Can you tell me Please How to send a proper buyer request!

First of all, research and learn how fiverr works. Then stay focused. don`t Lose hope.

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It is really up to you to determine whether you think that is good or not. It also comes down to how many of these clicks/impressions convert into sales. For example my gig has a relatively low conversion rate. But this is fine for me as it works for my strategy and I am targeting a small group of buyers who are willing to pay more. I would also perhaps wait a bit longer to determine how successful your gig is and also compare the performance of your different gigs and then you can make changes.

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Asslamulikum, Hope you are well. I am Mirajul islam a professional graphic and UI Designer! I am  experience in Graphic designer withing 3 years! Today we will learn how to send a Proper buyer request. Below I am giving some Samples Of buyer request:

Sample 1:

Hello there,
I will love to have the opportunity to fulfill your Job.
My Goal is to earn your satisfaction and I believe that I can do it in a best way than others.
I am professional (work name) and professionally trained by the very best fiverr super seller trainer.
So,I can do it Professionally. Please place your order.
I guaranteed you will be Glad to see my amazing work.
Now I am waiting look for your response. 
What more you will get from me?
✓ Many years experience in Photoshop. 
✓ I will give you Unlimited Revisions
✓ I will work for you until you satisfy 100% (No extra charges 
✓ Quick delivery
✓ Free source file
✓ After service support
✓ Friendly communication
✓ Affordable price

Thank you 

Sample 2:

i will provide a free sample before place the order"  I saw your job description and fully understand your requirement. You need a logo for your brand. I am experienced in logo design within 2 years. your targeted audience, especially for your Clothes brand. Can I assist you with this logo design project? please let me know if you need world-class best service for logo Design. please check my previous work: link


Sample 3:

Hi, I just saw your job post that you are looking for a (job name). I have seen your attachment.I will make that [Job name] within few hours in adobe illustrator. I am experienced in [Job name] within 3 years. At first I would like to give  you initial two concepts of the [Job name] ,if you like that i will provide you source file Ai,  editable Vector file, 3D mockup, printable JPG, PNG  files.(with unlimited revisions).

I will charge ($your demand)  for that. Can I Help you? Please response me. I am waiting for your response.
Hope you will be 100% satisfied with my work. Here's my recent work

Your name

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1 minute ago, mirajulislam1 said:

I will work for you until you satisfy 100% (No extra charges 

Unlimited revisions is a recipe for disaster... How will you even type in this Sample 1 with this format with the check marks??? Have you tried using BRs?

2 minutes ago, mirajulislam1 said:

i will provide a free sample before place the order" 

So you will make a free sample for someone requesting a logo? Might as well make the complete logo with the source file

2 minutes ago, mirajulislam1 said:

Can I Help you? Please response me.

If I was the buyer I already stopped here.


Also you do not even have one sale???? Do you think your buyer request templates have helped you so far? 

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Just now, mirajulislam1 said:

Can the buyer request be copied and pasted?

Why would you do that? If you're a buyer posting a request for something that you need done, why would you copy what some other buyer said about whatever it was that they needed done?

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On 10/8/2021 at 10:33 PM, mirajulislam1 said:

Can the buyer request be copied and pasted?

What will be the problem if you do this?

Do you really think buyers here in fiverr are that much naive that they won't understand that? Copy pasting won't do any good to ya . Try to go through every buyer request and understand what they want and send your offer accordingly.

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