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Gig promotion got enabled by itself


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Good evening dear freelancers,

As I’m sure majority of you have already received this, I as well had received at some point $10 in voucher. I used it all, didn’t like how the gig promotion works and I decided to never use it again. That was a few months ago. 

Today I received a random deduction of $14 from my earnings and after digging into what had happened and why my earnings were reduced, I realized that one of my gigs was enabled to be promoted. 

I have NEVER went to the promotion page to enable that gig to be promoted, so it got enabled by itself. 

I have already reached out to Customer Support about this, however I was curious to see if anyone else had a similar weird experience as I couldn’t fond a similar thread anywhere. 

Thank you for taking the time to read the thread! Looking forward to your feedback 🙂

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Well, so far the support team has been anything but helpful. I am about to reach Top Rated Seller, just need 1k more to be earned, and they think I am trying to gain back my $14 for shady reasons. While I had clearly explained, in puny detail how I have never, EVER, enabled back that feature as I truly never liked it. However their Support team gave me an automated reply without giving proper attention to my very real issue. 

After paying a lot of thousands $ in fees, I was expecting to receive proper support.

As level 2 states, we are eligible for priority support. Which I was waiting for 12 hours to receive an automated reply, prepared reply which they have to tackle the herds of tickets they receive. Absolutely disgusting they can charge you like that and then the Support Team which is there and being paid to identify issues and rectify them, simply ignores you and gives you a generic answer and forces me to wait more than 12 hours more now. So I have been over 24 hours with this issue and the Support team is absolutely non existent and not helpful.


Well, this is complete BS. 

I will start considering moving away from this platform since they fail to take responsibility for their own issue and not really willing to help me out further. For just $14 of a charge which I never authorised by myself. 


Well guys, it appears that this issue can happen and Fiverr will do absolutely nothing to help.

They drain us with fees and then when an issue like that happens, they are not willing to help further. 


Anyways, that's all folks. Take care! 

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Please check the order's status, is there any other which show GIG PROMOTION level in green. 
If yes that means you got the order from Gig Promotion service.

Now just calculate the earning by the gig promotion service, if the earning more than 2x of Gig promotion service fee's/Charges that fine. You can continue with this service for more orders.

My experience with great with this service.


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