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  1. Spot on, totally mind blowing reply from joshnadin
  2. No, It's not just depends on only description. Think a blog post SEO with Yoast SEO.
  3. So, Point noted from theratypist Don't use auto refresh Download fiverr app (When get time time just enter on it and refresh) You can't stay online all the time, it depends on your regular activities. Fiverr totally depends on algorithm and it's changing and changing Take the tips from this forum, how to make super and outstanding advertising gig. You need a good luck and passion for fiverr success Don't rely on just fiverr (It won't give you instant success), You'll get success one day !!!
  4. It can happen, You should keep calm and continuously sending request in appropriate way...Also check the article from the lloydsolutions 🙂
  5. Congrats ! It's the beginning of the successful story !!!
  6. It's very sad for auto reduction🤔 What's the message from support ? Can you share with us?
  7. Appreciate your understanding. So for the introducing, It should be "I" and agreed with you.
  8. Whether she/he don't know anything about the uses of the fiverr. That person can't do anything. New account and no sell also. My point is they just damage our buyer request, nothing else. Already 40 people sent request. It can be another way also I can do from the user page. First, We must know about their status in fiverr !!!
  9. She is a seller and she posted buyer request. We don't know either who she is in the buyer request page. We have only 10 buyer request for everyday. If all the request gone for this type of post then what will be the prize for our time?
  10. I didn't mean in that way. Suppose, I worked with a people several times. In that case, I suggest use "WE". I fell that when a buyer heard that he's also the reason for successful project completion. Buyer will motivated and tell himself that I successfully did everything right with this seller.
  11. I visit your profile and got you already reputed and well performed "Level 2" seller. Go ahead !! For your query- I prefer "We" for Old buyer and "I" for New Buyer. Also, follow up for expert answer as well.
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