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Am new to fiverr and I just ordered a gig advice please



Hello everyone i have this concern i just ordered a gig,actually this project is to  create a betting crypto game website. The total cost for this project is $1400 

He persuaded me to accept the delivery of the first instalment of $1000 and the remaining balance $400 after 25days when the project will be delivered. He said the first instalment was for project equipment/procurement etc. I paid all this through Fiverr is this a scam or not please help. 

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If an order is split into parts then you should only accept delivery after the work has been completed. It's good that you paid through Fiverr but you may struggle to get your money back for the initial instalment if there are issues. If I were you, I would continue contacting the seller and do not accept the final delivery unless everything is finished. I would also contact customer support as soon as possible to let them know of the situation. If the 2nd instalment takes 25 days then this may be enough time for the seller to withdraw the initial $1000 if it is a scam.

I hope it turns out okay, otherwise this may be an expensive lesson.

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