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24 minutes ago, digital_nagmus said:

Why some sellers send buyers request? It should be restricted?

So... what if I wanted say, a logo for my website (or even my profile) or even I don't even know, a French teacher or something. Just because some people SPAM BR, other sellers should still be able to post a request if they need something (and if they want to outsource? Honestly, so be it.) 

What would help would be a better system that can weed out the sellers thinking this will get them work and a 'flag' (to help flag weird BRs). It could be cool if no names/pictures were there either (because every time I post a BR, I get over 10 spam messages within the first hour or so...) 

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Think wise man!
Seller also purchase as needed.
Also outsource the part of a project when they needed.
Even they can completely maintain their business by outsourcing.

Better evaluate if you want to respond to his buyer request or not. Up to you, but there is no logical reason to restrict this.

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