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  1. I think after new success score, we all got demoted may be that's what playing the role in the scenario.
  2. i also didn't get it's my 5th though, after new score system my level went low, may be due to that i haven't received yet.
  3. sorry within 10 days of implementing the score system, now my score is 67 in total, that means 6.7 score
  4. score was 4 before the implement the level system, on March 15th its 5 so i became level one and now 6, so within a month
  5. it happened to me too brother from level to i dropped to level 0 and came back to level 1 with success score 6 and my notification say there will be a evaluation after 6 months for top rated seller though, but my current total points are 67 that means 67/10(10gig)=6.7 I will need 0.3 more point for level 2 (3 more score). within a month the score got updated from 4 to 6 and one of my higher selling gig went from 4 to 6 too. so, I think the score getting updated with number of order and the time they have fixed, unfortunately no one is telling the period. And one of my gigs has 12 completed orders with all 5-star rating and still the score of the gig is 6 and its saying due to client satisfaction.
  6. my top rated evaluation notification came with the mentioned duration of "6 months", i think now the score might take 6 months to update on the profile
  7. one of my gig has 15 orders and all 5 star ratter still its only 5 score for the gig
  8. it takes upto 6 months to show up in the score brother
  9. thats great, you went to level one and came back to level two? and after that you got it or in level one?
  10. "value for money" is in the public review segment. public review included communication level, Quality of delivery, Value of delivery(this comes for value for money) i think you mistaken there is another one where we also can see.🙂 but yes it plays major role. check this my friend 🙂
  11. i think everyone got degraded for new score system, may be when we reach 7 score we might see the option.
  12. yes, success score not calculated every 60 days, for example if you have 5 score you will be level one seller and even after a day if you get 2 more score and made it to 7 you will be be promoted to level 2 (before you have to wait till the 14th of the month to degrade or promote) now that happens sooner than before. Success score changes like number of order that gig make and the review plus the private reviews will help to change within 2 weeks as in my case it happened within 2 weeks
  13. i was downgraded to level one with 5 score, i have over 15 gigs, and i didn't delete any of the gigs, now after two weeks my score is back on 7.
  14. now Fiverr have 2 review system, one is public, which is after the order completion the buyer will give stars and the feedback such as Seller communication level, Quality of delivery, Value of delivery. and this play 50% in this score and there is another scoring system which is private, where buyer can do a survey kind of review with Fiverr (which has more areas to select that mean more areas where we can fall down), that plays another major role in the score 🙂
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