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8 ways to a successful income on Fiverr.com

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Who will be purchasing your gig.

Who will be interested in your services.

What benefits or “bonuses” does your buyer expect?

What quality means to a true buyer.

What a port folio ‘says’.

Over delivering.

Sense of humor.

Accomplishments, Achieving a goal.

  1. Who will be purchasing your gig?

    You must understand that not every service is for everyone. Someone who offers a professional logo is targeting a small business, someone creating an explainer video, is targeting a new product launch and someone who is offering a “dance in the bushes and sing a happy birthday song” is targeting someone who wishes to purchase a happy birthday for his Mom. So you must know who you are targeting. Once you know that, it will be easier to follow social groups, it will be better for keywords (SEO), Articles boosting your gigs and even a recreation of your existing gig.

  2. Who will be interested in your services?

    You may think that this is the same thing as “who will be purchasing your gig” but it’s not. Purchasing and viewing your gig is separate. Completely. Your goal is to get enough viewers to your gig which will hopefully turn into at least a little sales. So ‘WHO’ will be interested in your services? - These people may not purchase your gig but it will get lots of exposure resulting in a few sales.

  3. What benefits or “bonuses” does your buyer expect?

    For a Logo gig, a buyer expects at least 1 change, to be more convenient you can offer unlimited. However if you feel he his abusing you simply explain to him the revision rules. However Revisions are easier for a logo than a VOICE OVER GIG. In this case you should charge for the revision, and like usually, if it was your fault the price is on your end. If you are creating a video and your buyer wants an addition towards it, that definitely require more work, meaning another gig at least…

  4. What quality means to a true buyer.

    In depth design. Accurate results from before purchasing the order discussions. Not the quantity, but the single quality. Rush orders should not be rushed.

  5. What a port folio ‘says’.

    Well, as they say one should not judge a book by its cover, that is because there is so much content inside. However a design it speaks for itself. A quality gig portfolio is what every buyer looks at first. Yes, when choosing comes, they view the port folio and then make there final choice. Make sure that not only your clients are happy with the product, but yourself and it’s presentable.

  6. Over delivering.

    Over the forum there are many thoughts from people, some saying over delivering is not good while others have different opinions… Stick with these ‘rules’ and you are probably a star. Your buyer wants 3 pieces from you. Clear communication. A finished product. And an open suggestion. Meaning after you complete the service, let the buyer have their opinion. If it requires a revision and you understand that you are not busy. Go for it. If it requires more time which you don’t have… Go for it! Why? Over delivering is especially great for those who love their work. After all most users on Fiverr are here because it is fun. Over delivering brings in great feedback which is essential for a bright future on Fiverr.com.

  7. Sense of humor.

    While maintaining your professional side, add a splash of fun to your work. It’s a great way to express your talents in a fun way. It’s a great way to make your buyers end off–and come back to you for more… it’s a great way to communicate to… Adding it will only make you upgraded, better yet people often enjoy those imprints.

    We left the best for last

  8. Accomplishments, Achieving a goal.

    “Every accomplishment starts from the decision to try” - Try your hardest on Fiverr. Do that research and put some effort in your work. There are Millions of gigs, but yes, there is space for yours.

    🙂 Happy fiverring and yes I do enjoy your comments…


    The Creative Guys
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