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How can I be successful in fiber as a new seller?


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Guest ligiacarvalho
On 7/20/2021 at 5:42 AM, anwer_bijoy said:

2. Active online 22+ hour

Do you mind sharing your impressive human survival guide for this? 🤔

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1 hour ago, gfxartiste said:

Please write proper spellings. Otherwise anybody can troll to your ignorance. Best of luck!

That's good advice regarding the forum, probably.


There's another good reason, regarding Fiverr main site and OP's question. There are many things you can do to be successful; you'll find loads of forum threads that might help you with that if you search a bit.

One thing that many successful sellers probably share and is certainly a plus for becoming successful, is attention to details, like the name of the platform you want to be successful on being Fiverr, not Fiber. 

As Confucius said, "Pay attention to the small things, and big things await you". Or maybe he didn't say that, but he might have.

Not so super important when writing on the forum, perhaps, there are different opinions regarding that, but definitely super important when writing your Gig descriptions, reading and replying to Buyer Requests, reading messages from potential buyers in your inbox, and so on. 

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