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  1. If you can deliver unique services which others can't give, or low competition but high demands, these types of gigs will help you to get a new order from the client's easily, I hope
  2. Sometimes I also face these types of problems too. It is very confusing to track who is the real buyer. If Fiverr can take some necessary steps, it will be helpful for us.
  3. Yes, it has. But order has been completed and some days later, they ask me to give some changes which are though little requirements but they didn't tell me before. Mainly my question is, if I give the revisions in inbox, does Fiverr allow them?
  4. Can they report about these if I don't want to give any revision after completing the delivery? Will Fiverr be strict about us in these situations?
  5. My several clients before need to take some changes after completing the order. It makes me bother too after completing the order. What should I do about these complicated moments?
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