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  1. This can be found here, https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/levels-warnings-and-status under Gig Status, in the second drop-down. Specific to your gig, please see (DES) point 1 and 7, and (IMG) point 2: There are also a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section. That was quite helpful. Thanks a lot !!
  2. Hi people !! Well, it’s been few months since I joined fiverr. I have been basically working on designing stuff. I received an order from a buyer and the buyer was so impressed, that the buyer kept on ordering my gig for 5-6 times. But I haven’t received order from any other buyer on that gig. I want to know whether this “repeat buyer” thing really helps my gig or does it make it suspicious to fiverr algo that it might have removed my gig from front pages. Please have a look at my gig and it will be really helpful if you could make some suggestions. Link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/aeL66a Thankyou !!!
  3. Hi People, I have been trying to create a new gig since past 2 days but each time I try to create the gig, it just lets me fill the first page for “Overview” and as soon as I click on “Save and Continue” it just keeps on displaying “Saving your Gig…” and doesn’t go further to the next page. I am just stuck at the very first page where we put Gig Title, Gig category and Keywords. This doesn’t end here, no when I am trying to put in a request to Customer Support, it doesn’t even let me make a request and displays “Action Failed, Please Try Again”. I am stuck with all this. Please help me out !!! HIGHLY NECESSARY !!! Thankyou!!
  4. No, I don’t mind the suggestions from people, they are highly valuable to me. I will surely work on the gig as per your suggestion. Thanks a lot !!
  5. Could you please tell what “more effort on gig” are you talking about ? Please tell more precisely.
  6. But I am disappointed to get no orders in spite of receiving this much impressions and views on my gigs and I am quite anxious for someone to point out the spots that I am lacking at which are not letting me get orders.
  7. Hey, that’s the real number of views and impressions I have been receiving on my gig. Initially, I used to get very few impressions and views, but gradually they increased and I have been able to receive more than 200 impressions in a single day for and then it went down to about 150 and then it came to a constant of 100(+/- 20). Yes, the number I have mentioned are for one day as shown on the graphs in statistics for gig. Screenshot (32)1516×299 28.3 KBI have attached this screenshot for making it clear.
  8. Hey, thanks for replying. I am able to get 100+ impressions daily and some 200+ impressions on a few lucky days and regarding the views, I am able to receive 60+ views (not social views, I am talking about Gig Views) daily.
  9. Hi everyone, I have been able to receive a decent number of views and impressions on my GIG daily, but I am unable to receive any orders since past few weeks and this thing has been really creating panic inside me. Visit it here: https://www.fiverr.com/share/WeZDj7 Kindly suggest me any changes I can make to my GIG. Thankyou !!
  10. Is the effect of reduced views and impressions a result of COVID-19 or a result of Fiverr allowing all users a fair chance to showcase their gigs ?
  11. Which gig ?? Transcription service or the one with YouTube thumbnails.
  12. Hi People, Is this the time when everyone is facing a huge fall in the numbers of gig views and impressions ?? As I am facing a sudden fall in the Gig Views and Impressions on my gigs which used to receive a lot of Views and Impressions. Could you please have a look at my Gigs and Profile to suggest me some modifications 🙂 https://www.fiverr.com/share/WE9wgX https://www.fiverr.com/share/6YQLjr Please have a look at my profile too : https://www.fiverr.com/aayusharma98 I will be grateful to you. Thankyou !!
  13. Ok, I understood your point. Could you please suggest some examples of “Gig titles” that would be relevant to your views on this topic ?
  14. If we are designing something, then it is obviously relevant to that business, event or brand i.e it will surely represent the reason it has been created for. Eye-catching is just an adjective associated with the designs as this fact is quite acceptable that if some art is able to attract attention from viewers, then it has high chances of getting clicked or viewed by people. I will be happy to listen your views over this.
  15. I will definitely be taking some courses to better my skills. Thankyou so much !! Btw, could you please suggest anything particular to my gig and my profile ? Your suggestion will be helpful to me !!
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