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  1. Don't wait. Did you make your gig thumbnail attractive? And descriptions, price properly? If it isn't, correct them properly. Send 10 buyer requests daily, and advertise your services through social medias, convert your clients to fiverr. Hope these will help to get potential clients.
  2. I'm using Asus Vivobook X540ub. I am working for graphic design so I have to use regularly Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and others too.
  3. Please write proper spellings. Otherwise anybody can troll to your ignorance. Best of luck!
  4. 1. Make proper gigs atleast 6 or 7 2. Make them SEO friendly 3. Analysis them properly 4. Make attractive gig image 5. Try to stay online as much as you can 6. Send effective buyer request
  5. Me too. I think this is for the closing time especially in USA, UK, Canada, Australia so that most of the client's are busy in their business closing periods. Hopefully the orders will be started again from the next months.
  6. 1. Build your gigs more attractive and professional 2. Make proper research and SEO for your gigs. 3. Try to active most of the times. 4. Send effective buyer request. I got half of my clients from the buyer request so I think these points will be effective for any of the people who wants to work on Fiverr.
  7. Yes, it has. But order has been completed and some days later, they ask me to give some changes which are though little requirements but they didn't tell me before. Mainly my question is, if I give the revisions in inbox, does Fiverr allow them?
  8. Can they report about these if I don't want to give any revision after completing the delivery? Will Fiverr be strict about us in these situations?
  9. My several clients before need to take some changes after completing the order. It makes me bother too after completing the order. What should I do about these complicated moments?
  10. Don't spam here please, it will harmful for your gigs. And I think you will need more analysis to launch new gig's image, seo etc.
  11. How can I share my portfolio to buyer request because as I known, FIverr does't allow to share any types of links. If I want to share my Flickr/Youtube or any other portfolio sites, is it legal?
  12. Please make some discussion about the benefits he/she will get from you. If you describe more about your plans for the project in the BR section, it will be more effective.
  13. Never. You can use only one Fiverr a/c and one Payoneer a/c. If you try to use more than one a/c, you will be banned from Fiverr.
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