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Make changes on your gig thumbnails. 

You got 2 images in the thumbnails. one of them contains too much texts. reduce texts. you got gig description, put these texts there. Change the colors, use some decent colors.

My suggestion: Since you're a video maker. Add some video samples.

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Hello there,

It's nice to see that you are interested in improving your gig. The best advice I can give you besides having a quality thumbnail, pictures and description is to somehow try to stand out from other uses that are providing simillar content as yours. Finding your unique "formula" can help you improve your gigs so much.

I hope you get a lot of orders soon and I wish you good luck!

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19 hours ago, sajalbowmik90 said:

How can I increase my gig impression

Welcome to Fiverr Community Forum!
Open Gig by following the steps below:

  1. USE 5 eye-catching Gig image & with offline SEO.
  2. Use 5 SEARCH TAGS in your gig (SEARCH TAGS helpful for rank your Gig)
  3. Write your service description professionally.


  1. Stay online & Share your gigs social site.
  2. develop your skill in your category
  3. Learn more about Fiverr.

Follow: https://blog.fiverr.com/post/fiverrcast-episode-10-tips-for-new-sellers-transcript

Good Luck to you 🙂


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You can increase your impressions, clicks and views by doing SEO of your gig and by targeting the keyowrds buyers are searching. You can also increase them by promoting your gigs on social media platforms. First think follow the instructions of fiverr support to make your gig

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