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  1. you can spend more time on fiiverr and send 10 buyer request daily and shear your gig it will you for again active your gig.
  2. 1. send buyer request 10 daily. it help you to get impression and click 2. try to active on fiverr 3. eye catching gig image 4. shear your gig on social media platform
  3. there have no except template for buyer request. it defend on your service and what buyer want. but you can write same 1. attractive sentence 2. why you best 3. how many knowledge of your service 4. why buyer choose you
  4. now you can more active on fiverr so that buyer will get you online and direct order you. you can complete some order and grow rating 4.7. then you send BR again. best wise to you.
  5. this not for seller this facility for only buyer.
  6. here you can make a website with few step and what type of website you choose here and make a website.
  7. if your buyer are not satisfy with your work you can cancel this order and money will auto refund to your buyer.
  8. welcome here and follow same tips 1. try to send 10 Buyer request daily 2. try to active more time fiverr and fiverr forum 3. create same portfolio. it will help you.
  9. there have on fixed time. fiverr give this buyer request every seller with different different time.
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