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I am stuck due to first order low rating. HELP


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Hi !
I am sorry your first order ended up devastating for your account on Fiverr.

It is understandable that you same as many others hope to have Fiverr as secondary or main source of income but in order for this to work you need to offer skills you actually have or at least you are good at fabricating.

The negative review is only one but unfortunately shares a lot of issues with your service.
Can you really create blog post or are you using internet spinners or similar tools?

The problem with this now is that you need 10 5.0* ratings to have 4.7 on your account which is considered minimum for getting orders.

40 five star ratings will get you to 4.9 where you can expect your service to gain more visibility.

You should reevaluate your skills and services you are offering.

You could get bad first buyer all the time so all hope is not lost. But try to offer services you are confident in.

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