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  1. You might want to check this.
  2. It seems you have “Out of office” mode turned on. Check your availability settings. 2021-06-16_174039792×257 112 KB
  3. True, but your reply was in context of enunciator’s post regarding costs that one who is willing to produce a quality creative work have to bear. In same way, a designer might use subscription to Adobe services, a webdev pays for his IDE and other specific software. Usually a good web developer is not the same person who makes design, and even web developers differ to ones who work on frontend and backend. I personally am suspicious of those who claims they provide both design and development, it’s usually a good sign to be careful.
  4. How’s that connected? So every web developer, in your opinion, is just doing like the freelancer you met and every project can be done with a notepad and copy-pasted template? Well, you’re wrong.
  5. At those times when putting the “W3C Valid” badge on a website counted as achievement, I already had to use sorts of JS hacks to bypass some of their checks - they were completely pointless. Later I started ignoring them at all because time needed to prepare valid code didn’t worth it - and I still was a kind of the perfect code adept 🙂 I don’t think the majority of those who claim to be WP experts even able to write custom theme rather than use builder. The thing is, the product they do suits well the majority of their buyers, so you just turned out a kind of a “demanding buyer” 😃
  6. No, not necessarily. That stuff comes from plugins and themes, not from Wordpress itself. You can build your own theme from scratch and write plugins for certain tasks to get clean and lightweight site, but it requires time and in-depth knowledge.
  7. Regarding your doubt about offering portraits in general - just type the query in the search bar and see if there is demand for them. (the answer is yes) Also, more gigs bring more opportunities, so go for it.
  8. There are so many web developers coming on the forum and asking for suggestions to get their first order. Hey guys, it’s your chance 🙂 I totally understand. That’s why I got retired from web development myself after more than 10 years working in that area - I just couldn’t accept the new trends, while keeping using my old-fashioned way made me completely non-competitive. Why not. At least you can get a better understanding of what your freelancer is doing under the hood and ask what exactly they’re about to charge you for.
  9. And nothing after that. Maybe it’s a smart step to protect themselves from buyers asking for more than already described. In addition, you will get nothing 😀
  10. The profile he’s talking about sounds as ayeshaabid__ (with 2 trailing underscores). Wondering was it just trimmed by the forum engine or it’s your 2nd profile @ayeshaabid ?
  11. @allienapz you have gigs which are basically copies of each other and even share exactly the same description. This may get you in trouble as soon as someone reports you or Fiverr notice that.
  12. The first thing you might consider would be to replace stock images and premade templates in your design gigs with your actual works.
  13. It’s okay to have payment email different from your profile email. Otherwise why would they provide the separate input box for typing it.
  14. @arikesarkar don’t post links to your gigs in threads started by someone else. Instead, you should create your own topic and ask for suggestions there.
  15. If you aren’t even able to write a description for the service you offer, it’s a reason to work on self-improvement prior to trying doing business. Your excuses like “nothing is coming to my head” don’t sound serious.
  16. Of course it isn’t safe. You don’t want a police officer knocking to your door because of drugs being sold on the site hosted on the domain which was registered using your personal data.
  17. Because the number of sellers in your area of expertise is much more than buyers :man_shrugging:
  18. I still encourage you to gather more information from the forum rather than relying on the quoted fragment. There is quite a lot of evidence that the real situation is different. Here’s one more thread in addition to the link I already posted where you’ll find another comment from frank_d:
  19. You could notice the reply given in the thread by the link I provided earlier was left by a community moderator. I wouldn’t doubt his statements, although everyone can check it themselves, of course.
  20. In addition to the above replies, I highly doubt that Fiverr devs would put any efforts into making the main profile affected by the forum activity somehow, since technically your forum profile is a completely separate thing.
  21. Check the link in my reply above. You can’t re-apply.
  22. Again, assumptions. I guess you do not know what category I am in. I answered in your mind negatively, because your “advice” is moot. Asking how your buyer is feeeeeling today is not how business is run. Sure, there is the “hey, how ya doin!” stuff, but, that is all fake and no one ever tells you really how they are - well, unless you are their clairvoyant, astrologer, psychic or counselor. Most categories here are professional in nature - and this means treating the buyer professionally - not as if they are in your “inner circle” and you are trying to be their friend. They just want the work done right the first time. Period. By asking how they feel is not keeping it simple, in fact, this can just make things complicated in a business setting. Again, unless you are a counselor, feelings do not come into play here. Also, you posted my reply in Russian - I do not speak that language, so do not want others to get the notion I posted in what is probably your native tongue. I only speak English and Pig-Latin. LOL GG Lol that was truly confusing 😀
  23. Also, you’ll be unable to re-apply if you’ll get rejected, so maybe no need to rush yet.
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