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Client not accepting the order and blackmailing instead


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I don’t know what you offer but this is clearly a scam to get free work. These people get away with it because no one is holding them accountable. Contact tech support right away. I’m really sorry, this stinks. I wish Fiverr did more in favor is giving creators the benefit of the doubt when situations like this arise.

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Straight contact the customer support. Even if you didn’t delivered as promised, no one is supposed to blackmail someone or talk toughly to a person. The transaction should flow in a very polite manner even in a difficult situation. If you do not accept what he asking, they might contact customer support to get a resolution, if they don’t accept what you offer you might contact customer support. regardless of the situation everyone should act professionally.

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I delivered what was promised in the deal, But instead of completing the order client is blackmailing me that he cannot accept that and will cancel the order, What should I do?

client is blackmailing me

That’s a pretty strong accusation.

Some Buyers change their minds.

Some Buyers don’t like the final delivery as some Sellers under perform.

My question to you is this:

Are you truly qualified in the service you provided?

Can you honestly say that you did 100% top-quality work?

I’m not saying you are at fault, but there are many Sellers here who should not be offering freelance service.

There are also many Buyers here who expect far too much from Sellers with $5 and $10 Gigs.

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