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  1. This update is very effective for the new seller, you can get more and more offer by this.
  2. Welcome to forum and fiverr also, keep doing your good work and make client happy, this will take you to high on fiverr, hope you will get badge early times .
  3. hello @forattnpress This is a very right place with a bunch off talented freelancer and with fiverr security .where you will find best service .its really worth your money .
  4. Hello all, How are you? I am pretty much confused that what went wrong on my gig, there are so many experts in this forum please check out my gig and give me your opinion. gig -- https://www.fiverr.com/nurtajmohammed/upload-and-manage-your-ebay-amazon-etsy-seller-account
  5. everything is on your luck bro,and make sure you are active maximum time and share your gig more and more best of luck..
  6. Welcome to fiverr and best of luck for your success.
  7. Congrats hope you will get the success that you wish. best of luck.
  8. Yeah totally changed from the old version, I am exploring new new and getting surprised by this amazing interface. Great job by fiverr.
  9. Hello everyone i am an old seller but unfortunately I tried everything but don't getting any order from buyers, pls give me any new idea that i should follow thank you very much advance.
  10. can anyone say what is the criteria for being promoted on fiverr ?, is it automatic process or there has some sorts of algorithm function.
  11. This is arise when this people want some free work from you, please get to fiverr support and tell them all the situation ,they will help you , fiverr should looking on this issues deeply.
  12. Done, it is a good step by the fiverr team
  13. Yes i want to know also, i am facing the same issue. Help me if anyone can
  14. welcome brother, dont loose hope, make sure you are active on fiverr most of the time, and keep sharing your gigs on social media platform
  15. I hope social media marketing and keep posting on forum helps a lot and finally keep yourself active most of the time.
  16. this is first time I heard something like that, want more to listen
  17. I hope its because the less demand of client on your particular GIG service
  18. I am in eCommerce management and website designer.
  19. Really It’s Amazing. its boost up one too much
  20. yes this help very much , there are many premium buyer who looks for there freelancers on this forum platform.
  21. you can regular post on fiverr forum, trust me its helps a lot
  22. yes its actually matters so much, because you will get click on your profile and sometimes buyers can find their need through forum.
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