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  1. Of course there is. Submit a ticket to them here: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new @bilal_inn you can follow his/her link
  2. you can contact Fiverr support center Fiverr Help and Education Center
  3. sound great! thank you for sharing this and welcome to the fiverr community!
  4. if you can create a properly optimized keyword gig title for your gig based on your specific niche that will definitely help you to rank your gig on Fiverr and try to be active on Fiverr as much as you can (without auto-reloaded 😉 ) Have a good day!
  5. I have already fillup the from last month when I first got the email but today I’m facing the same, maybe its a bug. I hope everything will be fixed ASAP!
  6. it’s better to have no feedback or reviews instead of negative rating or bad reviews… so you need to do just focus on your service quality and try your best to give every client the best experience
  7. I’m also facing the same problem for the last 2 months 😦 … please help how can we overcome note: I’m a graphic designer
  8. hello aaalaaa, thanks it totally illegal!!! As Seller on Fiverr, I think Fiverr is safer than outside… if you want you will be able to refund in Fiverr very easy by custom support 🙂
  9. i think, right now this Portfolio option is only for the TOP rated sellers. maybe we have to wait for the next fiverr update… 🙂
  10. 100% Right, thank you very much #samcornwell for sharing you success tip 🙂
  11. Very good improvement. But old system was better than this 🙂
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