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  1. You can probably post it to a couple groups but posting too many times in a certain amount of times automatically gets flagged by Facebook’s bots. Also check individual group and page guidelines. Some pages have rules against advertising.
  2. Hey! I really like your video, I think it’s professional. The only thing I would add is agreeing with what others have said. I’m not quite certain if you’re allowed to advertise off platform hotlines or contact information. I think including your business logo and branding is a great way to set yourself apart from others in your field. However I’m not sure that off site advertising is in line with fiverr TOS. I would double check on that
  3. The gig promotion option only becomes available after you reach a certain number of orders or user level.
  4. I don’t know what you offer but this is clearly a scam to get free work. These people get away with it because no one is holding them accountable. Contact tech support right away. I’m really sorry, this stinks. I wish Fiverr did more in favor is giving creators the benefit of the doubt when situations like this arise.
  5. Unfortunately once they place an order, that’s about it. If you are pressed for time, I would suggest adding more time to your delivery in your gig. That way in future orders you can work without feeling rushed.
  6. That’s really rough, I’m sorry. Definitely first contact Fiverr customer service. Contact them and show them conversation screenshots before even responding to him. I would tell them everything you’ve told us and then after advice from them respond appropriately. It kind of sucks that a single bad experience can tank a seller but not a buyer. Treat with caution around this client. Keep it brief and professional without going into too much detail.
  7. Good luck to you too! Hopefully with the constantly rising trend of internet usage, plus the influx of new Fiverr users due to fiverr advertisements (I started noticing more after I joined Fiverr) that we’ll all have more success. Best wishes to you too friend.
  8. I based it off similar prices to other artists and graphic designers in my field and on Fiverr. Generally commercial rights are much pricier than private use. The designer is basically signing over the rights to the image for the customer to use however they like. For example, using it on company shirts. This is quite commonplace in most fields. However, private use printing is okay. Example, printing on a card or shirt for a mother’s day present. As long as it’s not being used commercially for profit any kind of personal use is okay. I’ll make that part more clear in my description.
  9. It’s clear you do have a lot of graphic design skills and are good with typography. One thing to note however, is small text. While that may be good with a banner, subtext doesn’t really seem to vibe well with the YouTube algorithm. All text should be bold and large. Smaller text under titles and sentences don’t read well in thumbnails. Unfortunately, YouTube viewers only take a few seconds to look at a thumbnail before moving on. A thumbnail should read well even when squinting. It’s just how YouTube works 🙁
  10. I have been doing some extensive research on Fiverr and trying my best to have quality content. I’ve been trying to improve in any way I can but I feel like something is missing. Is my gig effective at catching my customer’s attention and communicating what they will get with this gig? I worry I compressed the image files too much but they were so big because of the layers (the first two, at least). If you were a buyer, would you consider buying this? Fiverr.com Rachoni: I will draw you a cute chibi illustration for $10 on fiverr.comFor only $10, Rachoni will draw you a cute chibi illustration. | I will draw you or your character in my soft chibi style. The rules are simple. You describe what you want (attach reference images) and | Fiverr
  11. Welcome and congrats on your first few sales! I noticed you already had some gigs under your belt so we’ll done! I can tell you make really good content.
  12. I can’t really say platform wise because it looks very clean and professional. I will say things I do like though. I think the video is a nice touch and the third image looks really great! I think instead of the second image of your brand maybe include another example image with your brand in the lower corner. It’s rough only being allowed 3 slides but as you get more gigs, more examples will be present. It’s really hard to get the ball rolling in the beginning but hang in there friend!
  13. Hello, welcome to Fiverr! I checked out some of your gigs, they look really great! For first time prices they are good but as you get more customers increase your prices because they are worth it! I’ve seen custom graphic designs sell for a lot more. I’m new too so best wishes! Remember your worth 🙂
  14. It’s okay as long as it’s professional and not unwarranted. For example, since it was asked it’s okay but not okay if they weren’t asking for it. You can be modest but confident in what you do. Give yourself a little credit and believe in your hard work. It’s also a balance of knowing how to take criticism well. Also I think all users are welcome to reply. Best wishes ❤️
  15. I have exceptional customer service skills. I’ve been told in my professional life that I’m very easy going and great to work with.
  16. Hello! I’m located in Texas, united states ❤️
  17. I am using a OnePlus 8 which is also a Chinese phone. I haven’t had issues but to be honest, Fiverr selling isn’t really compatible with mobile. Buying mobile works great on Fiverr though. As a seller it’s best to use a tablet, laptop or computer. I use an iPad for banners, profile editing, gigs, etc with my tablet. It’s not to easy to access those settings on phones. Best of luck friend!
  18. Hi! I’m a new seller here. I do digital art. I can draw portraits, OCs, fanart, D&D characters and anything in-between. I haven’t gotten any bites yet but if there was something that really helped you in the beginning, I’d like to know. I have about 5k followers on another social platform but that hasn’t helped much. I’m really excited to get to know other creators. Share a bit about yourself and what you create/buy
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