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  1. Great to see you here, Happy Freelancing man.
  2. For a gig ranking, You have to maintain some criteria like: on-time delivery must, positive feedback, overall good ratings, good private feedback from clients
  3. Try to be more active on fiverr, hope you will get soon
  4. You may release your gig anytime, there is no specific time for gig releasing.
  5. Welcome to fiverr community, Stay online and sent buyer request properly.
  6. Take help from from fiverr team and they will fixing it
  7. Glad to see you here and welcome to the community
  8. keep patience, you may try with some new gig and try to more active on fiverr
  9. Tell theme properly, they will get a solution
  10. Glad to see you here, sent buyer request daily and try to be more active on fiverr.
  11. Read first what your buyer need exactly, Don’t send any copy paste template.
  12. Great to see you here, As a new seller try to more active on fiverr and sent buyer request daily. Happy Journey:)
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