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I complete a order


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Hello Everybody, Today I am very happy because Today I complete an Order. So day ago I made a post in a forum where I was told I am demotivated but I got some suggestion from here that’s why Today I complete an order. At Last, Orders management Status of your order FO814552D5A02 (1)|583x500](upload://25MsSltTe8j80CEuXg93fNqEdZw.png) I will ask a question which is today I complete 50$ project but why my balance is 40$ where is gone my more 10$?

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as the Fiverr terms and conditions…
Fiverr takes 20% from the buyer and seller…

you should be know this kind of thing as you are joining a marketplace as a seller…
next time, when you toggle I accept all the terms and conditions be sure check them:)

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1st Congratulations! 🙂

2nd We all pay 20% on all orders, you can view it as the marketing fee

3rd please do not ever post Customer details on the forum like you did here, and especially do not highlight their name as you did here 🙂

Thank you. I will ship this next time`

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I am a new seller on Fiverr. I complete an order on Fiverr with a good review. 😀 I provide on my gig create a full website with Elementor & Elementor Pro plugin which is best for design a full website. So Do you can see why everyone I lose my gig impression. My GiG Link

Check it and please help me. Or if anyone like my gig and interested to work with me you can contact me. I will provide you best. Best Regard Sunil Chandro.

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2 hours ago, sunilchandro said:

I am a Web Designer. 12 & 13 Number order is going in my account. I also complete 4 order with this buyer and 5 number is running with him. After complete this order I will because Level One seller. So everyone pray for me so that I can became a success person. 

 image.thumb.png.792145aa263646a116584e1a68a80c60.png. I 


Congratulations and keep it up.

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