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  1. Impressive! Congratulations on your success
  2. First, Create a Twitter account tweet your gig. If you don't have time to create content or don't have the patience/motivation, post tweets with links to informative and interesting articles related to your service. Add an image to a tweet, it may be your gig image or any other image. For example, you can post an image with an inspirational quote to get more attention from people. Craft good tweets with attractive images to entice people. This massively increases the chance that people will click on your link. I'd recommend using Canva for the images - it's free to use and you can create great graphics quickly. Do not tweet the same thing repeatedly, people will lose interest. Use Buffer to schedule tweets to your posts (or other articles) in advance, and keep them consistent and relevant. Throw a few tweets advertising your gig on Fiverr now and then - I'd suggest one advertisement every 7 or 8 tweets. Don't only self-promote through or people will unfollow you very quickly. Post something new related to your gig. Use hashtags related to your gig in your tweet. Suppose someone looking for a freelance writer and if you have posted a tweet with a freelance writer, then your tweet will be displayed in his search result and he can go through your tweet. Follow people who would potentially buy your products. I recommend using Manage flitter to follow targeted accounts with keywords relating to your gig. Some things to keep in mind are: 1. Don't overdo it. Tweeting & posting too many links can get you into trouble with Twitter. 2 . Talk about your business & the things you do and wait for responses, then give the link to your gig(s) or your Fiverr profile. 3. Be Sociable, don't just talk about business talk about things that make you happy or feel good. Share images and positive quotes. 4. When you make those who you socialize with feel good about themselves, they, in turn, feel good about you. That confidence in you will result in more sales. If you need something else I will be happy to help you!
  3. Share your gigs on social media platforms. I've got my first client from twitter.
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