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  1. I find that 16:32 UTC is a sweet spot. Not a minute later, or it will disappear in the abyss.
  2. Changing your gig may temporarily drop you from the search results because it needs to be updated in the system, probably.
  3. Don't start your gig pricing at $5, that's bad advice. Ask yourself these questions: 1 - What am I good at? (narrow down your field of expertise) 2 - How can I monetize my skills? (check the demand and create a gig that answers to that demand) 3 - What are the market rates and what do I want to earn? (be sure not too price too low or too high, you'll want that sweet spot: you don't want cheap but demanding buyers, but you also don't want to price yourself out of the market...be sure you can handle the workload vs. enough revenue to be profitable) 4 - How do I optimize my gig so that it highlights my skills and my best work? (add work samples, write a good description) Check your gigs from time to time to optimize where necessary. Is it still up to date, can I add more features or extra services, should I increase my prices, etc.
  4. Why do you let the timer bother you? You decide your delivery times, and you can always request for an extension. Either increase your delivery times or don't look at the clock at all. Outside of Fiverr, deadlines exist as well, the clock is simply a reminder. Of course you get punished for ignoring deadlines, but that goes for off-platform assignments as well. If you want to stop with Fiverr, I suggest putting your account on Out of Office until you want to return. I wouldn't delete it, or you'd have to start from scratch building your new account if you return.
  5. You are free to sell your service for any price, but why would you offer someone a 75% discount? Keep your dignity.
  6. I recently had an order cancelled and when I checked my Earnings tab, I noticed the order amount (minus 20%) was listed there, in red and with a "-" in front (deduction). But I thought the Earnings tab only displayed earnings from completed orders? Since the order was never completed, Fiverr never gave me the money, so the cancelled order shouldn't be listed in MY Earnings. I don't think the amount was deducted from my (cleared) balance, but it does show up in the list. Is it just an administrative thing or was it actually deducted from my earnings? Perhaps someone could clarify this for me, thanks.
  7. I have an existing order where the client wanted to expand the scope (i.e. more footage to work on). I added an extra on the Order page of $200, but for some reason, the summary only shows $100 added? See screenshot ($200 is my standard package price for 10 shots, $100 is my basic package price). This could only be a display bug, but now I'm not sure what the buyer is being charged....?
  8. Or let someone else take your AI file and resave it for you, if you have the correct version of Illustrator.
  9. My bad, anyway you should ask Fiverr customer support to cancel the order for you.
  10. Next time, be sure to make the requirements mandatory in your gig, so the timer won't start before the buyer has submitted all the necessary materials. I'd contact CS and ask them to cancel this order without affecting your stats. You did nothing wrong so you shouldn't be punished for cancellation.
  11. What did he ask for in the chat before ordering? We don't know the events leading up to this.
  12. Staying online 20 hours a day doesn't promise you any orders. The most important metric is the quality of your gig and your portfolio And you need to be well rested in order to work more productively. So don't try to stay awake at night just because you think 24/7 online will get you more work. It won't.
  13. I have to correct you due to some very specific English language issues: 1. Never use words like "Dear", "Boss", "Bro/Sis" or "Friend" They're not your dear family, they're not your boss (you're freelancer, not an employee), they're not your bro or sis, nor are they your friend. This is common for some non-native speakers, but for native English speakers this comes across as overly amical and off-putting. Just use their nickname or their first name. "Hi John" or "Hi John423" 2. Never offer 100% satisfaction. You can't guarantee their satisfaction. Some clients will never be satisfied or they abuse this. 3. Never offer unlimited revisions. Unless you like getting abused or tied to a project for eternity. 4. Don't offer a free mockup, unless you have existing examples of previous work (only if you are allowed to show them!). 5. Don't close with 'So, Dear!'
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