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  1. I like to decide on a per-project basis, sometimes I can squeeze in smaller projects that fit my schedule, this seemed like a project I didn't have time for.
  2. My condoleances. From your post I can tell he was a kind and inspiring man. Indeed, we should take time for ourselves and enjoy the moment, especially us freelancers (who tend to sometimes get tangled up in all these projects and deadlines). I wish you and your family strength to cope with the terrible loss!
  3. I always disliked the forced 'I will...' format. I understand they wanted to create some unity in the various offerings on Fiverr but it adds unnecessary fluff. I think it's much better to just describe the service outright, like: Logo design for SMB Voice over Video editing for social media etc.
  4. As an individual seller you can offer shorter communication times; in agencies or larger companies, clients are often connected to a project manager who then has to relay feedback to the design team. Efficiency and speed are your strengths because you're more flexible than a large company. Larger companies have more overhead, leading to relatively high prices for smaller projects. Individual freelancers -hopefully- have fewer business expenses, so you'll probably win over the smaller clients by competing on price. You may not always be able to beat them for the bigger, high-end clients, because you lack the manpower and versatility, but you will be able to generate a steady revenue in your niche with returning, smaller clients.
  5. Sounds good, but far from secure. It would be easy to circumvent. Change one pixel or alter the file only slightly and the hash wouldn't match anymore, so the system and buyer are duped into thinking they're original or unique deliveries.
  6. If you are so sick and tired of people trying to capitalize on you, you should either increase your prices or state in your terms that your work cannot be resold "as is" and the buyer cannot claim to be the creator. You may not prevent it completely but you're in control of what you provide to others and for what price.
  7. May I ask why the huge price difference? Is 35 dollars on Fiverr your 'sweet spot'? Because asking 35 dollars for something worth hundreds of dollars (or in case of a government agency thousands of dollars) seems arbitrary. In that case, why not 50 dollars, or 100 dollars? It still would be a big bargain for any buyer.
  8. I'm not even surprised. But passing an English test doesn't guarantee success on the platform. Buyers will find out quickly enough what kind of seller they're dealing with so I don't think cheating the system works.
  9. Not software, but check out The Animators Survival Kit by Richard Williams This book teaches you the basic principles of animation. Understanding the basics of animation is much more important than the software.
  10. Everyone and their grandmother has photoshop skills. Unless you're a unique top talent, chances are the competition is too strong and you're being snowed under.
  11. You're right in saying that you can never be sure if a seller is honest. Indeed my comparison was under the assumption we're dealing with honest sellers. Of course, on Fiverr it's a gamble and vetted sellers are always a safer choice of course. Proficiency in 61 languages and 38 expertises, haha. If only all scammers were so easy to spot!
  12. Hi Sabine, Yes, I have a registered business and as a full-time freelancer I'm allowed to deduct all business related costs. I keep track of all costs (invoices, receipts) and my bookkeeper handles the tax return and everything. Are you doing this work on the side? Are you employed? Then the Belastingdienst will likely classify your revenue from Fiverr as 'resultaat uit overige werkzaamheden'. But even then you should be able to deduct most business-related costs (phone, computer, software subscriptions, Paypal fees, etc). Maybe there is a treshold for that if you're not classified as a full-time 'ondernemer', so always check with an accountant. I'm not a tax expert so don't take my advice for granted 🙂
  13. Thanks for that. I deduct the conversion fees in my tax report as business costs (ie. the difference between withdrawal amount and actual received amount) so I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle of going through Payoneer > Wise for that amount.
  14. My point is that his comment does make sense. Noobs CAN provide BETTER services than seasoned Fiverr sellers, because being a noob on Fiverr does not necessarily mean the new seller is a noob in his craft. So imagine someone with 10 years of experience joins Fiverr. Even though he is a New seller, he is skilled and experienced. Compare that with a Lvl 2 seller with only 2 year of experience. Chances are the new seller is the better pick.
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