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Just a suggestion but it would be great if the site would alert me (or the client, or both of us) that we are browsing the site using different currencies.

The reasoning behind this request is this situation that just happened to me: I just had some messages back and forth with a potential client, and I mentioned my estimate in text in a message along with the turnaround and other details. She agreed to the terms, so I sent a custom offer that reflected them. My client immediately asked me why it was showing her a different figure. Turns out that she was browsing the site in her local currency and on her end my initial offer reflected what looked like a last minute 20% increase.

Now, I know I can clarify that the offers are in US dollars but I feel that there should be something in place to alert me or them of this, it totally blind-sided me, and I’ve been on the site for years. I did not loose the gig, but it could have easily happened. The appearance of having a change last minute in the eyes of the client would seem sleazy and it’s a bad look. I do not ever want that to happen again.

I would like to, if possible, know which currency they see when browsing and maybe even have a Fiverr’s exchange rate showing or something similar. I do not want to concern clients with googling currency exchange rates because it adds resistance. I want to be able to provide a quote in their currency right from the site whilst I discuss the terms with them, without having to send a custom offer, which seems a bit cold and impersonal as a first impression.

Thanks in advance and all the best,

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I do not understand why any trader would not work in US$ as while hearing numbers in AUD or Yen or Jlongolnese Squillings & Rupence (or whatever) may be easy, it can only lead to dramas like the one you have had (and I have had that one too).

For a universal market, it makes far more sense to work in a universal currency with universal pricing.

This helps people to understand the value of universal value, like if Mixing a Song well is worth $150 it is always worth $150 and not $5. Anyone who prices under that is clearly signaling that they have limited skills. If one does live in one of those countries where $1US is worth lots of your currency, you are totally winning. besides I have no idea what 45 JS&R is worth so while it may be like $1,000 it may be $0.03. We are all better working on one currency.

Anyway, likely no one will change this as places like this never seem to be about great work, they are about making it easy for people to put their money in the slot. What comes out the other end, the organization cares not so long as people keep putting money in the slot so they can put it on Forex or the horses or whatever their real business is.


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@benedictrm Thanks for your reply. While I understand where you are coming from, if Fiverr wants to have sales on their site as you described (and I believe you are right in that they do), it would make sense for the system to be structured in such a way so as to avoid misunderstandings like the one that just occurred to me. Which currency the client uses is his prerogative, regardless of whether we believe it to be practical or not.

@gamunu Thanks for your message as well and for trying to help. I am aware of that function. Unfortunately it does not help me because I am not asking how to change to a local currency. The point is that I don’t know if a client is using his local currency, so I cannot possibly know which currency to change to even if I wanted to modify my entire interface for each message (which would be highly impractical as well, in my humble opinion).

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