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Seller constantly blocks me - "report"ing him didn't work


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I have been constantly been spammed by ola_sam who once sent me an offer I did not accept. I clicked the “report” flag and told fiverr that he was spamming me. But still I am receiving messages from him which is very annoying. I can’t find a help section to stop this. Has anybody an advice??

Thank you so much!

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Hi Thomas

It is super annoying when people do not understand respect - and we can’t hit them with a cricket bat (joking of course).

You do need to remove this miscreant’s name from your post tho as that breaches Forum rules - innocent until bla bla bla and all that.

Is this happening on the Forum or through the main marketplace messages?

Have you made it clear that his advances are unwelcome? Not that you should entirely need to but maybe he is just a bit “impervious”.


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You can block any user that you don’t want to contact. Click the username that you wish to block, and you can find an option. check screenshot


I’m pretty sure the “Block” button doesn’t appear on profiles of users whom you haven’t already had an order with.

It’s strange that messages are still getting through even after flagging the seller as spam. Contacting CS and reporting his disruptive behavior might be the next appropriate course of action.

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If you haven’t already, you could try blocking via the phone app vs desktop, that seems to work better for many people.

It sounds as if you should report him in any case, though, especially if you made it clear that you don’t want him to message any more.
You can do that via the ticket system (Help&Support link in main site footer; you might need to click and scroll a bit to get through the “self-help center” with help articles to get to the ticket page; once you’re there, you might want to save a bookmark …).

As an aside, it’s not allowed to post seller/buyer names on the forum; “no naming and shaming” rule, you can edit your post through the pen icon, else it might get flagged, and mods will have to do that.

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