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Copycat gig?


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So I received a message from someone asking me to teach him how my gigs work. I assumed he wants to create a similar gig, so I went to see his gigs and noticed that there’s my gig listed in his gigs, or a duplicate one in this case. It’s basically copy and paste, with some words arranged in different positions. I’ve made some changes to my description since that gig was published 2 months ago, so it looked even more similar back then.

He also ordered my gig 2 months ago, so I would assume the delivery instructions are also copy and paste. If someone could test it for me, I can give you my gig for free. :3

Here’s mine:


Here’s his:


Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

Not only is the gig’s title and description duplicated, but his name is also very similar, lol. According to the URL he was first selling a gig that tells people about my gig.

Now I have nothing against him, but isn’t that a bit too much copy and paste? I would assume it goes against fiverr’s terms of service if a gig is too similar.

Do you think it’s unique enough? What would you do if you found someone was selling your gig?

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