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New sellar on fiverr


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Hello! Please, don’t take this as offensive… but I see you are offering data entry, web research, typing ecc… Well, I would start by trying your best to avoid typos like these:


Also, your gig description… I would suggest you to avoid putting the space before punctuations.

image725×110 9.71 KB

Then of course, work on your gig and try your best to improve it. There are lots of topics here in the forum that could be helpful for you.

Just go search them in the searchbar above

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First of all welcome to the fiver community.
Now, there are a couple of things we always keep in our minds either a new seller or of a level 1-2 or next, patience is what you should always keep in mind. It takes time to have first order.
Be active on fiver, be disciplined, consistent and try to learn from other sellers by viewing their gigs and get an idea from that. Surely you’ll have your first order soon.

Note: Never ever try to message another seller for work, you will end up getting your account ban.

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