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Virus message from sellers gig delivery


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Hi. So I just received a delivery and have the message, “Virus scan stopped working. We recommend you don’t open or download these files”

The seller has many positive reviews and is level 2 I think.

This is on my phone. I haven’t checked on desktop yet.

Any advice please?



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I would wait until checked on a desktop. But then i never do business on a phone. To me it is completely the wrong space for it.

Check the file/s and if they still ping, refer back to the Seller and see what they say. Perhaps they can send again?


Thanks. I ordered it on desktop and got the notification on my phone. I’ll see what happens on desktop. Cheers.

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Okay so just checked on desktop and I have this message:

Note: We were unable to scan these attachments for unsafe files. If the files seem suspicious or you were not expecting anything, we recommend you don’t open or download them.

Any help please?

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Hi, Maita. Thanks. So can I scan that just from the download link without downloading to my computer?

I had a quick Google search and a few people said Fiverr cannot scan large files. Is this true?

I’m guessing it’s gonna be a false positive. Just wanted to be sure - there’s enough viruses in the world at the mo!


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Nate, @theratypist, you’re most welcome! 🙂

Long time we no see, Nate! 😅

If you’ve got the link address, just copy it, select the “URL” option and paste it inside the box.

Now, it’s rare when I go that path. I usually download the files that I want to submit for scanning. As long as you don’t open the downloaded files, there should be nothing to worry about.

As for the false positive, I have ESET and, yet, also use this page to double check. 😉

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