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  1. These grow around here, I believe they are commonly known as "Dupes" or the false strawberry. You'll find them growing on very small ground plants in the grass, was that the case for you?
  2. Up in the Virginia and West Virginia areas, blackberries grow wild! You can even find them on the side of the road!
  3. I was offered this ability, but there is literally zero reason anyone would want to subscribe to recieve music from me. They can just order whenever they want to for basically the same price, and save us both time! I feel like the subsription service is essentially the same thing as the milestone order system, but even longer. Thank you for the proposal on this service, but I'm still waiting on y'all to fix the issue where delivery time is not multiplied for multiple orders of the same gig. For example, someone could buy 50 tracks from me and I would still have to deliver in two days..
  4. It gets a lot easier after the first order, so don’t sweat changing your video.
  5. If you change the gig’s metadata, it may take time to be approved, and when it is still in approval it goes way down the gig ranking list.
  6. Ah, cartography! Your service would be very useful, for I’m a rock climber and some areas are still uncharted! I may ask one day!
  7. It’s all good, just be a tad careful! If you don’t have level 1 or 2 it can lower your position temporairly!
  8. Honestly? In my honest opinion? It’s a hoax. You might go down one or two notches, but give it a month and your status goes up. The numbers are true. image1407×514 32.1 KB
  9. I completley reshaped my gig, with new keywords, new images, and a new video. I also slightly edited the name. My point is, you’ll probably be fine. Just don’t completley change your service.
  10. YELLOW TEXT ON RED WILL NOT MAKE YOUR GIG MORE CLICKABLE. Find myself saying that one in #your-fiverr-experience:improve-my-gig
  11. Try using Fiverr’s green (#1dbf73) for your text on the front image.
  12. Same thing here with me, accidentally used the wrong account. Nothing happened ever, and I never had any information in the account.
  13. Status update: After 193 orders and almost a year on the platform, I finally recieved an order from a buyer request. Sheesh.
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