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I need advice on gig cancellation

Guest getty_webdesign

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Guest getty_webdesign

Hello everyone, I was starting to have some good time in Fiverr but my bubble bust all of a sudden which left me really angry and confused.

I received a message from a certain client which things didn’t go on so well with the client and I had spend like 4 days being pressured and blamed for things that totally don’t make sense.

For those who are web developers and have worked with HTML for quite some time know thay the Pixel measuring unit is the same on all screen size and that a webpage designed on a 15 inch PC will display the same on any PC size apart from small devices like phones and tablets…anyway, cutting the story short.

The buyer kept on making excuses and finally the buyer cancelled two orders at the same time. There was nothing much I could do but accept the cancellation.

After 2 cancelled orders, my stats have badly decreased and I’m wondering since I’ve not made a lot of orders on Fiverr yet, will I ever be able to make new sales after the 2 cancellations?

And for how long will this keep up? Currently my order completion rate has dropped to 50%. Please, if you’ve ever been in such a situation. Any advice would help. Right now I’m really confused.

Thank you very much.

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