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How order cancel


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help me

please tell details. how to contact support

It depends on why you want to cancel it - if this is some buyers mistake, or something like that, CS will help you. If you just want to cancel it in any persona; reason, your rate will be affected anyway

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Contact Fiverr support and with the Gig that is not allowed, your account, or at least, that Gig will be denied and deleted by Fiverr.

Obviously, you struggle with English - that is fine, I probably would struggle with your native tongue - but, being able to communicate your issue as well as understand what others here in the forum and probably Fiverr support would tell you is really important on a site that caters to mostly English speaking people. You should change your “fluent” English speaking on your profile, as that could be why you are now needing to cancel an order - either you didn’t understand what the buyer wanted, or what you delivered was a lot of chopped up Google translate on their comment section, which does not inspire people to think that is a blog to read and certainly a buyer would not want to pay for.

I would explain to you how to cancel an order, but I don’t think you understand English well enough to get it, as others have already told you what to do and you keep repeating the same sentence over and over.

Bottom line is, 9 times out of 10 you cannot cancel an order without it impacting your stats here. And, trying to cancel an order because you got a bad review is also not going to fly .


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