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Sponsored gigs: progress report!


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Exactly, you might see my sales numbers and think “look at this guy showing off”, then again I could say the same about Frank, but that is just not why we do this, and even if it was, thinking that way helps no one. What you should see in these is what you can achieve if you work hard (and work well).

3 Years ago someone told me I could be making 500+ USD every month doing what I do, for me that sounded insane, nowadays It happens that I make that amount in a day, and I still can not really believe that.

You have been here for 1 month, I work on Fiverr full time for over 3 years, and Frank even longer than that, Fiverr is a marketplace like any other, there is no guarantee of work or payment here and we all are responsible for our own “luck”. So just have a little patience, use the extra time to hone your skills and you should be fine! 🙂

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On 2/20/2021 at 10:11 AM, heyfellow1 said:

Lifetime results:

image1367×504 20.4 KB

Happy with them to be honest.

Does Fiverr you charges per order or per click? How do you adjust that? Because i want to spend just 20$ because my earnings and budget aren't that high.

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On 2/21/2021 at 4:05 AM, mariashtelle1 said:

I also have some stats here and I probably will say that I’m overall satisfied with promotion feature.
It didn’t make a big difference in terms of monthly income but ROI is definitely quite high.

These are stats for the last 3 months, which brought me 4 orders with a spend of 6$ only over 90 days


image1242×426 42.1 KB

I will have to look deeper into the analytics and check if my impressions indeed decreased after I edited my gig.

What I did notice that on my promoted gig I started getting at least 2-3 messages every week from new sellers asking me to give them orders or just “hi how are you” messages.
So half of my promoted impressions definitely went for those sellers who saw “ad” on my gig and decided to click on it on purpose.

How do you arrange everything to just spend 6$ in total? How do you adjust everything? Thanks in advance!

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21 minutes ago, andrewvzla_ said:

How do you arrange everything to just spend 6$ in total?

There is no secret to it 😉 I chose the budget that was recommended by fiverr per click and the rest my gig did by itself. If your gig is attractive enough that will make people click, if your offer is clear and interesting then people will buy it after clicking on your gig 

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On 2/21/2021 at 2:41 AM, amirbeno said:

Promoted Gigs is built on top of the search engine, which means that if your Gig was identified as “low quality” or violated any TOS, that cause him to be blocked by the search engine - the promotion will stop. Only once it will pass the search engine requirements, he could join again the promotion program.

@amirbeno if in Promoted gig, once our gig identified as "low quality" it will blocked ALL our gig by the search engine (put at the very end of search engine I suppose).

How if we are not in Promoted gig section and our gig identified as "low quality"?

Will all of our gig still be blocked by search engine, or only that 1 gig identified as "low quality" that will ranked down?

While the other that still performing well and identity as "high quality gig" can be ranked up?


Thank you for the explanation.

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